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dangers of MSG Stock cubes you eat

MSG affects our emotions negatively. Nowadays, people flip at the slightest provocation.

a list of healthy alternatives

You will also be exposed to a list of healthier alternatives to stock cubes that will preserve you.

how to make your own stock cubes

You will be given ingredients and step by step method of making your home made stock cubes

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feedback from the training

Thank you so much Dr. Dina. Idala God bless you and your team. This is a serious eye opener. When I got married, my hubby told me that he prefers local spices and no stock cubes too. I felt bad because I thought how can I cook tasty food without all this stuff? To God be the glory for this program - immediately I told him about his reply to me, does stock cubes add any good things to the body?
I did mine homemade cubes with fish , I didn't use chicken. I made stew, fried eggs pasta today and it tasted sooo yummy. I’m loving it so much.
Wow!!! This is great. Thank you so much for this knowledge. I'm starting right away cos I will make soup today without stock cube
For the vegetable soup, I fried tomatoes, onions and pepper in red oil then added dry catfish, kpomo and salt. As it came to a boil, I added crayfish then my vegetables. For the snail sauce i used turmeric, tomatoes, pepper, onions, green pepper and all purpose spice
Thank you Idala and team for starting this. Cooking without seasoning cubes in the back of my mind is expensive compared to just buying stock cubes. I thought so because of the cost of spices that some indigenous companies are selling which are MSG free. I've seen those on IG. While I appluaud them I was wary of starting what I cannot sustain if I buy their spices. So I decided to wait till I have enough money 😄 I'm happy to learn that I can start where I am with the spices coach Idala mentioned. Those can be easily bought from the open market.
So feedback time! I made yam porridge today without stock cubes and honestly, it was amazing! I also made Ogbono soup for hubby this afternoon using just stock fish, crayfish and okpehi. He liked it.
Wow , beautiful. I jst discovered using blended carrot to fry eggs and its result was so yummy. And I even tried it with pasta and spiced it up without cubes. It tasted so lovely.