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About Me

Hi, I Am The FlexiMum Coach

A mum to 4 amazing boys (yea.. I know, I don’t look it). I’m a Holistic Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer & Body Transformation Expert specialized in grooming women to become the best versions of themselves, Spirit, Soul and Body. 

My journey to Weightloss started in 2012, after the birth of my 1st son, I barely experimented, but with simple calorie-portion control and exercise, I lost all the baby weight.

However, after miscarriage and the birth of my 2nd son, I hit a whooping 101kg during pregnancy in 2015, but eventually lost burned all the baby fat in 2017 losing 35kg and maintaining my Size 6 dress size from Size16/18 for a 2 year period.

In 2018, I birthed my twin boys and lost the over 30kg baby fat,authored and launched my book and 1st fitness event in 2019.

I’ve been able to coach hundreds of women to lose weight and launch into deeper dimensions of themselves, Spirit, Soul & Body.

I lead a free safe haven  called The FlexiMum Community, where we equip our Spirit and enrich our Soul, so as to transform our Bodies sustainably.

What I Do for Healthy Nutrition?

I believe in the simplicity of nature, using what you have (your available resources) to achieve optimum health.

  • Create meal plan guides
  • Personal training
  • Clients health needs
  • Reports the patient progress


Most frequent questions and answers

One on One (Customized Client Plan)

Group Whatsapp Plans

Group Facebook Plans

Super Flexible Meal Guide.

Exercise Plan


Accountability & Support

Free Access To The Group Whatsapp &Prestigious Facebook Groups & The FlexiMum Community, where Coach Idala and her team chats weekly with the women

Our group plan entails:

Weekly Workouts

Accountability & Support System

Meal Plan Guide
But no consultation. except for the statistics bio form given to clients when they come on board.

We have 21-Day Whatsapp Plan


90-Day Facebook Membership Plan

The One on One Package is worth over #100,000 for the 6 week period, but we generously peg it at #30,000 for clients booking from our platforms

Yes we do.

Our 12 Week One On One Plan is worth #200,000, but we’re offering you at #55,000.